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We produce five issues of Teaching Scotland a year where we discuss topical educational issues and current learning styles. You can view the latest stories on our News page .

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11 Jul 2019EducationDecision Making and Writing - Practice StatementDecisionMakingandWriting-PracticeStatement-May2019Decision Making and Writing - Practice Statement
07 May 2019Practice StatementsDecision Making and Writing Practice StatementDecision-Making-and-Writing-Practice-Statement-2019 
09 Apr 2019PoliciesStandard Terms and ConditionsGTCS-standard-terms-and-conditionsTerms and Conditions of Contract for Purchase of Goods/Services.
21 Dec 2018GuidanceThe General Teaching Council for Scotland Guide to InformationPublication Scheme - Guide to Information (PDF)The purpose of this Guide to Information is to help you see what information we make available about who we are, what we do and how we do it.
19 Nov 2018PoliciesProcurement PolicyGTCS Procurement Policy (PDF)The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidance for GTCS staff involved in any procurement activity, ensuring best practice is followed. It also aims to ensure that out procurement activity is sustainable and meets the longer term needs of GTCS and its Registrants.
24 Oct 2018Annual Reports and AccountsAnnual Report and Accounts 2017-18Annual Report and Accounts - Year to 1 April 2018 (PDF)Annual report and statement of accounts for GTC Scotland as of 31 March 2018.
26 Sep 2018Practice StatementsHealth Matters and Medical Evidence Practice StatementHealth Matters and Medical Evidence Practice Statement (PDF)This practice statement provides guidance to GTCS staff, Fitness to Teach Panels and Conveners as well as parties on medical evidence requirements in order to enable health matters to be properly and fairly considered within the fitness to teach process.
26 Sep 2018Practice StatementsPrivacy and Anonymity Practice StatementPrivacy and Anonymity Practice Statement (PDF)This practice statement provides guidance to Fitness to Teach Panels when making decisions regarding orders to prevent or restrict the public disclosure of any aspect of proceedings.
31 Aug 2018PoliciesGTCS Information Security Policy (PDF)GTCS Information Security Policy (PDF)The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that the GTCS can continue to use personal data to carry out its functions and deliver its services, whilst preventing, or minimising the impact of, information security incidents in relation to personal data.
24 Jul 2018Published ResearchProfessional Update Annual Evaluation 16-17Professional Update Annual Evaluation 16-17This evaluation seeks to explore the Professional Update process to; - understand the potential impact of Professional Update on the Scottish Education system and on the individuals engaged in the process. - identify and address emerging issues that may challenge, limit or hinder progress. - promote and further support positive developments and impact.
17 Jul 2018 Records Management PlanRecords Management PlanIn line with the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011, this Plan shows effective, efficient and systemic control of the creation, storage, retrieval, maintenance, use and disposal of our records.
17 Jul 2018 Public Records (Scotland) Act Assessment ReportPublic Records (Scotland) Act Assessment ReportThis report sets out the findings of the Keeper’s assessment of the Records Management Plan of the General Teaching Council for Scotland by the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 Assessment Team following its submission to the Keeper on 1st August 2017.
17 Jul 2018 Letter: Records Management PlanLetter - Records Management PlanLetter from the National Records of Scotland regarding the GTCS Records Management Plan including advice to publish this for the information of service users.
26 Jun 2018PoliciesFitness to Teach Threshold PolicyFitness-to-Teach-Threshold-PolicyThis policy sets out what GTCS will investigate under its fitness to teach (FtT) procedures. This is important information for anyone wishing to make a referral to the General Teaching Council for Scotland about a teacher's conduct or professional competence.
08 May 2018Practice StatementsConduct Cases - Indicative Outcomes Guidance Practice StatementConduct Cases - Indicative Outcomes Guidance Practice Statement (PDF)This Practice Statement provides guidance for Fitness to Teach Panels on the procedure and factors to consider in making fitness to teach determinations and in deciding what action should be taken or sanction imposed.
06 Mar 2018PoliciesRecords Management PolicyRecords Management PolicyThis policy sets out our commitment to achieving high standards in records management. The policy is supported by our Records Management Plan, our Records Management and Retention Schedule as well as our Information Security Policy.
25 Oct 2017Annual Reports and AccountsAnnual Report and Accounts 2016-17Annual Report and Accounts - Year to 1 April 2017 (PDF)Annual report and statement of accounts for GTC Scotland year to 1 April 2017.
27 Sep 2017Practice StatementsSubsequent Registration Applications Practice StatementSubsequent Registration Applications Practice Statement (PDF) 
27 Sep 2017Practice StatementsPanel Consideration Practice StatementPanel Consideration Practice Statement (PDF) 
21 Aug 2017Practice StatementsTemporary Restriction Orders Practice StatementTemporary Restriction Orders Practice Statement (PDF)This Practice Statement provides guidance on temporary restriction orders and the procedure and factors that Fitness to Teach Panels should bear in mind in making any such direction.
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