The General Teaching Council for Scotland

GTCS Professional Learning Awards

GTC Scotland offers a suite of Professional Learning Awards which celebrate, promote and encourage teacher professionalism and professional learning at all stages of a teacher's career, and including the leadership of learning cultures in which teacher professionalism can thrive and bring about real impact.

The GTCS Professional Learning Awards place a spotlight on the excellent work taking place in our classrooms, schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, education organisations and across a range of partnerships.


 GTCS Awards Overview

 GTCS Professional Recognition

Standards & Policy

Who holds the award

What the award celebrates

Length Held

Standard for Career Long Professional Learning and Standards for Leadership and Management

Individual teachers hold the award in their area of expertise which is reflected on their GTCS registration.

Application form is available online and applications are assessed at monthly GTCS panel meetings.

Acknowledges accomplished expertise in specific area developed through extended professional learning.

This learning is required to show features of Masters level learning including putting theory into practice.

5 years.

Requires full reapplication for individuals.

Standard for Career Long Professional Learning and Standards for Leadership and Management

Programmes that award Professional Recognition on our behalf to individual teachers who successfully complete a programme of study.


The learning offered is required to show features of Masters level learning including putting theory into practice.

5 years.

GTCS Excellence in Professional Learning: an Award for Schools and Learning Communities

All aspects of the Professional Learning Model must be demonstrated including GTCS Professional Standards

Schools/ learning communities

Nomination is made by Local Authority Director of Education and the support team for the school/ learning community.

Panels are then held in the school/ learning community in April to June or August onward. The school/ learning community choose when to come forward for this award.

Celebrates and recognises schools and learning communities which promote, support and lead professional learning which has significant and sustained impact on teachers, classroom practice and pupil learning. 3 years.

GTCS Professional Learning Award for Organisations

Professional Learning Model & key features of Professional Update process which includes GTCS Professional Standards

Organisations and providers of professional learning.

Organisations submit application form in advance of panel.

Application form is assessed by panels six times a year. Panel dates available under the Professional Learning Awards for Organisation section of the website.

This award is about the Organisation as a learning provider for teachers.

The award celebrates Organisations which support and promote teacher professional learning.

3 years.

GTCS Convener's Award

GTCS Professional Standards Nominations by GTCS Council. Presented to an individual who, in the eyes of the GTCS convener, has shown outstanding commitment to the GTCS Professional Values (Trust, Respect, Integrity, Professional Commitment and Social Justice) through the course of their career. Awarded Annually

George D Gray Award

Standard for Provisional Registration Applicants submit their assignments which are judged  by a panel of distinguished educationalists. Awards the most distinguished BEd assignments in Scotland. Awarded Annually  

In development

2019-20 Professional Learning Awards aligned to each GTCS Professional Standards

GTCS Standards and Professional Learning Model

Teachers across all posts and stages of their career.

Will be developed in line with the current review of the GTCS Professional Standards. It is intended these will be awarded from 2020 with awards held and negotiated locally.

Award would be given to Principal Teachers/ Deputy Head Teachers.

GTCS certificate of professional learning in recognition of Professional Learning undertaken.