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If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service or work and wish to make a complaint, we would value the opportunity to address these issues and do our best to put it right.

You can also make a referral against a registered teacher if you have a serious concern about the conduct of that teacher - Making a referral about a teacher

Complaining about GTCS

How do I make a complaint?

Stage One

If you have already been dealing with a member of staff or department in GTC Scotland, you should start by contacting that person or department and raising your concern with them. If you do not know who to contact, email as they will be happy to help guide you to the most appropriate person to discuss your concern.

Often complaints can be resolved quickly and informally in this way. However, if the matter cannot be resolved, or if you are not satisfied with the response to your concern at this stage, you should proceed to Stage Two of this procedure.

Stage Two

Should you wish to continue your complaint further, you should complete our service complaints form, available at the foot of the page.

Your completed form will be passed to the GTC Scotland Executive Office at Clerwood House. The Executive Office will aim to acknowledge receipt of your completed form within three working days.

The Executive Office will process your service complaint form and this will be passed to the relevant member of the GTC Scotland Corporate Management Team, who will review your complaint and may investigate your complaint further. We may engage with the service user during the investigation. Following consideration of your complaint, you will a receive a response from the member of Corporate Management Team, as detailed below.

If, however the appropriate member of the Corporate Management Team is unable to review and investigate your complaint for any reason, he/she will be entitled to appoint another senior manager to do so. Following receipt of your service complaint form to the Executive Office, we will aim to provide you with a full response within twenty working days. If this is not going to be possible, then we will write to let you know what is happening with your complaint and when you should expect to receive a full response.

What if I am not satisfied with the Stage Two Response?

If you are not satisfied with our response at Stage Two, you can request a review of your complaint by the Chief Executive who may appoint an ‘independent’ member of the Corporate Management Team. The GTC Scotland response at Stage Two will tell you how to do this. You must contact the Chief Executive or member of the Corporate Management Team within 28 days of the GTC Scotland response at Stage Two being issued, otherwise your complaint may not be considered any further.

We will aim to acknowledge your request for a review within three working days of receiving it.

The Chief Executive or member of the Corporate Management Team will aim to respond in full within forty working days, giving details of what action has been taken and the results of his/her enquiries. If for some reason it is not possible to provide you with a full response within this timescale, he/she will let you know what is happening and when you may expect to receive a full response. On providing you with a full response at Stage 3 of this procedure, we will consider the matter closed.

If you remain dissatisfied with the response at this stage, any further correspondence that you send to us will be logged, but unless it raises new issues, we will not respond further on the points made and will consider your complaint closed.

Matters outwith the Complaints Procedure

The following matters fall outwith the scope of GTC Scotland complaints procedure:

  • Concerns about a registered teacher. If you have serious concerns about the conduct of that teacher, you can make a referral to our Regulation and Legal Services Team.
  • complaints you may have about the outcome of a Fitness to Teach investigation or registration attempt
  • comments about Council policy

If you wish to discuss any of the matters which are not included in the complaints procedure please contact for fitness to teach matters or for all other matters.

Is there a time limit that applies to complaints?

We want to hear about your concerns as soon as possible and where possible at least within one month of the issue or incident that you are unhappy with.

We do not consider or investigate a complaint which relates to matters which happened more than three months before the complaint is made.

Our commitment to you

We want to deal with those who use our service professionally, with respect and in line with the high standard of service we seek to maintain.

Your responsibility

We also expect you to treat our staff and the service we provide with respect. Our Unacceptable Behaviour and Actions Policy explains how we manage unacceptable behaviour against our staff. Read the Unacceptable Behaviour and Actions Policy.

View the Complaints Process - About our services.

Complaints Form
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Who dealt with your complaint at Stage One of the GTC Scotland complaints procedure?